Reach UP is a magazine designed to empower and enrich today’s woman no matter where she lives – whether tenement housing or a prison cell, in a shelter or rehab, rural or urban – it doesn’t matter.  Reach UP women may have been beaten down a time or two in life, but they get back up! That’s the Reach UP Spirit!

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Let’s Reach UP!

Make us a part of your everyday empowerment.

We offer a number of enriching subjects:

  • Family
  • Faith and Lifestyle
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Finances
  • Fitness and Health
  • Nutrition and Food

We understand the heart of a woman… …and the God who loves them unconditionally. Experience a dynamic fusion of grace and life through our pages.

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“I never thought it would be like this. I’m so tired.” The tall blond standing in front of our booth table was probably striking in her looks a few months back. But today her eyes were sunken and it seemed there were some dark bruises on her face. Her hair was finger-combed and matted. Her…

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Christy Sobolick, East Central Ministries

Everyone really enjoyed the last issue.

Bruce Marchiano, Actor, Author and Producer

“What you’re doing through Reach UP is very exciting and special. Well done!”

Joanna Lopez-Walker, Tampa Housing Authority

“Reach UP brings a smile to the people getting it.”

Linda “Peaches” Tavani, WowJam/originally of “Peaches & Herb

“Great to be Reunited. Love your mission. Blessings!”

Charreah Jackson, Essence Magazine